Borawan : A Wonderful Bliss

It is my second time to be here but it still captivates me with its beauty. BORAWAN is indeed a place to be for those who want an instant vacation with a limited time and budget.  Whether you’re up for a day time adventure or an overnight stay, it will still fit your wallet.

It is  6 a.m. when we got up and prepared for a ride to the place. From there we rent for a boat that cost 800 pesos for back and forth service. The boat ride is fun because you will have a scenic view of nature. It lasted for about 15-25 minutes. When we got there we immediately rent a small hut to unpack our things. Hooorayy! It is time for fun filled adventure!

What to do:

  • Exploring the island is the first in the list. You can really do that for minimal time.


  • Climb the rocks! It is fun!  It is just an average size rock, ( compared on what you’ve seen on mountains),  so it is safe!


  • Diving. You can literally dive of the cliff, it is not a literal cliff but it is not bad for a first timer like me.


  • Swim! Swim! Swim! : swim until you can! It is unlimited!


  • Play! : beach volleyball is twice as awesome to play here.


  • Meditate and reflect: I think it is good place to do that stuff. Being in nature makes you feel enlightened and carefree.


  • Have fun with your friends and take some good photos!


  • Watch the sunset : While waiting for the others or waiting your turn for the shower, you can take a glimpse of the sunset. It is not really a majestic one, but it fits perfectly to end your day.

IMG_0815Travel Date: April 5-6, 2012