Indang to Tagaytay: A Nippy Nature Hopping


Want a refreshing holiday? Well, this one fits for you! One way to spend your break for a nice travel in the countryside and have yourself a bunch of fruits and bags of coffee on your way back home is to go to these places both located in Cavite. Indang is a small but first class municipality, it is a 2-3 hours drive from Manila. Tagaytay, however is a 45-minute ride from Indang, it is a city built on a hill around a lake where in the middle of which sits a volcano (the famous Taal volcano).

Our 2 day trip is sweat free because it is cold in here especially this time of the year. It is also “sulit” because we have a place to stay and free foods to eat because it’s feast of their patron saint when we go to our friend’s place there. Surely there are ways to spend less but still have fun! So, here is a  list to do!

What to do:

  • Stroll and feel the cold breeze outside.


  • Visit the Indang Church (also called St.Gregory Church).It sits on a well-kept plaza at the end of the town.


  • Enjoy the jeepney ride with the cool wind embracing you!


  • Sightseeing! The views from the ridge are spectacular. You’ll be amaze by the magnificent “Taal Volcano”


  • Chill and eat at their cool huts!


  • Walk around the trail and breathe the fresh air!


  • Zipline! Flying while enjoying the view!


  • Shop for souvenirs and foods! Locals also sell fruits and vegetable at very affordable prices.


Travel date: December 27-28, 2010