Zambales: Nature and Nightlife Intertwine


Two worlds in two days! The city and the province, the landscapes and the metropolis, the beach and the binge. Whoa! This is great for students who need a break from their daily school activities (like us!).This should be on your list for your sembreak getaways! I really had a great time being in this place. It is best to be here when you have friends that come from this place because you’ll surely experience the best things that this place could offer.

Day 1 is a nature trip for me and my buddies that unveil the beauty of nature. The beach is one of the most treasured encounters with. We literally go there during heavy rains! We play with the waves, the rain, and the sand and laugh our hearts out! Day 2 brings us to Olongapo, where the city is famous for its nightlife. You will never run out-of-place to go because you can choose from varieties of bars, restaurants and rooms to stay here. In general, my Botolan-Olongapo journey is a blast! It is so refreshing and invigorating!  So here is a to do list you might like to experience during your stay here!

What to do:

  • Experience the beach .Roll and cover yourself with its gray sands!


  • Play with the waves. Sit, and then run when the waves seem to gnaw you.


  • Visit the farm! Where in you can see animals and GREEN around you.


  • Overcome the rushing water in the brook.


  • Hear good music at Local bistro, they’ve got great set of singers!


  • Dinner at Sam’s! Yum,Yum,Yum! Plus you can request for songs to their live band while enjoying your meal!


  • Walk through the night and appreciate history.


  • Enjoy the ride and the beautiful sceneries!


  •  A night ” kulitan” before bedtime with friends will rejuvenate you from your day adventure!

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Travel date: October 20-21, 2010