Boracay: A Summer Paradise


Paradise here on Earth? It is real! And I thanked God because I got to experience this paradise, and the good news is, it is here in the Philippines! Going to Boracay is one of my dream destinations but I didn’t expect to get in here this year (April 2012). Thanks to my sister, I had it all free as a graduation gift.Well, the first day I set foot on the island I was really mesmerized with it. The sand is so-so fine and everything is beautiful. I am in awe of this majestic creation. The real place is far better than what I’ve seen on the pictures.

We stayed on station 1 and gladly the place where we stayed in is very much cheaper compared to the other. We arrived at night so we let ourselves to rest and earn a bucket full of sleep for the exciting adventure the next day.

What to do:

  • Walk in the morning! Feel the über fine sand in your feet. It is a good jump-start to begin your day.

  •  Swimming 101: I am not really a good swimmer, but the water is so clear and blue that is why we just let ourselves to fully indulge in the water.


  • Relax and connect with nature.

  •  Go boating and parasailing.

  •      Be creative! Play with the sand.

  • Capture its beauty

  •    Meditate and enjoy the cold breeze before the sun rises.

  •  Feed the fishes underwater.

  •    Reminisce as the sun sets.

  •     Night Life: It is very lively in here. There a lot of good food and bars to choose from.

  • Shop for “pasalubong” for your loved ones.

Travel Date: April 10-13,2012