# 81 Ride in an Airplane


April 10, 2012:  a day of up up and away!

When I was little, I used to think that clouds are soft like pillows and it can handle you and you can literally jump and bounce in and out to them. It is so fluffy and white like cotton candies in the street that is very appetizing to eat; I mean who doesn’t think of that?

But when I reach grade school all those thinking were wiped out and I’ve learned that it was just a mass of gases in the sky. Since then, I just desire to experience it up close and see how it feels to be up there. First time encounter was always the best experienced ever, and so on April 11, 2012, this desire has been granted. It was a local flight from Cebu Pacific going to Boracay; looking down you can see an awesome landscape and the sky itself unfold its deepest beauty. It was great!