#54 Plant A Tree



November 14, 2015: Β A Day of Β Planted Hope

It was a long trek up to the famous “Devil Mountain”, but the goal is not to reach the summit but to plant these seedlings that will soon become trees. It was a collaborative effort between companies and non-government organization called “Haribon”. It was one of the most rewarding volunteer work I’ve ever been to.

Why include this on my list? I believed it’s the little things humans do that Β will make a difference. My little thing is to plant these little seedlings and hope that if someone will be able to see the full-grown tree that I’ve planted, he/she/they will be reminded that small acts Β really makes a difference and they will be encouraged to plant one too.We only have one earth to live and it does good to mother Earth to pamper her while you still can and have time.