#09 Climb a Mountain


March 2, 2012: the day that I conquer Mt. Thomas

Early to bed and early to rise, makes everyone ready for a supreme hiking. We really have to wake up early because this day is the day that we are going up to Mt. Thomas, the 3rd largest peak in the Philippines. It is really an exciting day for me because it is one of my bucket lists and fortunately, it includes in our Baguio Tour! Yipee!

The journey is really tiring but fun. We’ve gone through rocky edges, slippery roads, steep ways and cliffs, and after an almost of 3-hour walk, we’ve finally reach the summit. And the feeling is so rejuvenating; we are literally on a cloud 9.You can truly touch the clouds up there and see the breath taking mountain ranges on a greater perspective. Going down seems a lot easier than going up. It took us lesser sweats and cover up 1 hour to walk our way down. There were unlimited laugh trips while walking because of the unmanageable slipping.