# 59 Launch A Sky Lantern

#59December 30, 2012:ย  a night sky full of lanterns

I love to gaze at the stars because it gives me serenity! Every time I looked at them, it really makes me adore more my Creator for this majestic scene. Though, it is not possible to really hold them from afar, I realized that I can still creatively make a way to hold one and enjoy it. I decided to include this in my list because whenever I see sky lanterns in the sky they really look like blazing stars from the distance.

Yesterday, I am blessed to have this one splendid experience of launching a sky lantern. It feels good when the lantern goes up slowly and joins the other lanterns in the direction where the wind blows. It gives me a delightful feeling and peace. Just looking up to them, it reminded me that at any moment you can unburden yourself with worries, doubts and fears ย by simply lifting it up to Heavens and let your Creator take in charge of it. And like those lanterns, you will surely feel light and shine bright in the sky.