The End Where I Begin

As the year ends, I read all the small notes from my Jar of Thanksgiving. Here’s one of them:

January 13, 2013

I wrote it today here! I am hung up and I’ve nowhere to head.I just flunked in my board exam, been bum for 2 months. With no penny in my pocket but still tend to enjoy life in its simplest form. I know it sounds funny, but I just want to write it in here to say that this is not where my life ends. It is just a beginning of greater things in my life.A start of something new. Maybe I am losing but I am not lost because I know that I have the LIGHT to guide me and direct my path.When I read this again,I know I will just laugh about it and just be thankful because this eventΒ  fits significantly in my life.Everything is temporary.There are more things to come.

After reading this note right now, I smile, because TODAY it is a lot better and different than the day I wrote it. Indeed, after almost a year, everything changes.Favor and breakthroughs happened.

I realized that we can’t escape reality, because it is a by product of our past actions, decisions and circumstances.Crying and mourning over things is alright in its way while it lasts.But you have to stop sooner or later or ASAP, then you can choose and decide what’s the next reality to have.There will be disappointments, pruning, and most of the time you want to ran away while on your way,but in your heart, you know that “giving up” or “running away” is never an option.As long as there are reasons to wake up, you will keep on pushing forward.

This maybe a year of waiting, perseverance and endurance and was indeed a hard fight, but I don’t give up and I came through.I am waiting for a chapter to end and to start anew with the most important thingΒ  I learned this year and that was to stand up again, after all failure is not that fatal.

And finally after almost months of being away, I am happy to be back here!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone πŸ™‚