What is your “DASH”?


ImageI am always thinking of what my epitaph will be when I die, and so I immediately goggled for it to find some examples of great epitaphs and   then I noticed that after their famous line right under it, there lies  the years of their existence and between those numbers there stands a “DASH”.  And it hit me right there that instead of thinking of that line, I should give more importance to that “dash”. Today, I decided that from this day forward I will be a pursuer in living my DASH well.

Right now, if you cannot find meaning in your life or how to live it, it is your responsibility as a human being to create it. Some people are seeking the meaning of it and failed to answer it, because they always think that it is a noun that needs meaning in to it. Some even died without really knowing how to live it, because they only thought that it is a noun. Some lived to exist and haven’t had the experience of being alive. So, you must know first what is your purpose is because that will serve as your guide in living your “DASH”, that should go beyond life’s inequities. It is not enough to live it but to live it RIGHT, it is the greatest reward that you can have. Just what like the Psalmist says,’’ So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” This is also my prayer today, A HEART OF WISDOM to live my dash according to HIS will.

DASH will always serve as the bridge that connects your cradle to your grave. And bridge was an epic achievement! It is where life transcends! So tell me my friend, what is your DASH all about? I hope you lived a dash you’re proud of because your DASH will speak the loudest when your life is over.