Quezon: A Bountiful Escapade


          “This is Life”, our famous tagline once we’ve reach this province. Our 3 day and 2 night trip in the place is worthwhile because each day brings excitement and a full blast experience. Our eyes are so full with beautiful sceneries as well as our stomachs because of unlimited food. It is a great get away from school stuffs and from your usual routines. You’ve got a chance to appreciate more the nature and have a good time of leisure which brings you pleasure. Hahaha!

We already had our itinerary going in here (we went to Padre Burgos-Tayabas- Lucban ), but this place has really lot to offer! We are blessed because we have a place to stay in (it is a BIG help! especially in your pocket .Hehehe! We just go to limited places because we got only limited time, but you can go beyond from here. I’ve got a list below on what you can do.

What to Do:

  • Beach hopping: The province offers beautiful beaches that are not yet commercialize so you’ll enjoy the serenity of their beaches. We went to dampalitan and borawan beach on our first day and it is indeed great!


  • Enjoy the ride in your boat and fill your eyes with nature’s gift.


  • Visit the Church with the longest aisle in the Philippines,  the  “ Tayabas Church”.


  • Eat the famous “ Pancit Habhab” and have a seafood dinner at  “Palaisdaan”.


  • Have a morning stroll and pass by their old bridges.


  • Go to “Kamay ni Hesus” and see the stations of the Cross with every step plus you can enjoy the wonderful view that awaits you on the top.


  • Get a relaxing bath in their Hot Springs.


  • Road trip and enjoy the ride at the top of a jeepney. (Unfortunately, only the boys got a chance to have this.)


  • Chill and feel the cold breeze in your cheeks!


  • Enjoy the sunset!


Travel date: October 17-19,2011