# 100 Make a Bucket List


November 29, 2012: A Day With A Bucket Full Of Dreams

At last! After years of planning to have this, I’ve finally completed my “100 things to do before I die” list. By now as I write this, I’ve already accomplished ten percent of it. I am really in no hurry to do it because I have a lifetime to work on and achieve it. I have my hopes high that I will complete it. But why make a list in the first place? I make my own because I believe that each of us desires to fulfill something in life. It is setting ahead all the highlights that you wanted to have in your lifetime.

Mine is a collection of big, small and random things that I want to do. I just wanted to maximize every moment of my existence here on earth. I want to live my life to the fullest! It is not time that I am battling with but it is the experience and memories that I will be fighting for! So that in the end I will be able to say what TIME really is, and that should be spell as Treasure.Invest.Maximize.Enjoy  for me.