# 56 Send A Message In A Bottle


April 5, 2012: a day where the message was sent

What inspired me to do this?  It is shallow for some, but I get it from movies at first. I usually ended up asking, Is that for real? It is enigmatic at times and unrealistic. But as I research more about it, I found out that Message in a bottle is not a fairy tale. It comprises of real events that floated over a long period of time by a variety of people, for a variety of reasons in history. It is really use as a mean of communications in early times! So, why not try it?

What is in my letter? It is actually a letter of gratitude for being alive. To really LIVE and not just exist. It is address to YOU (to anyone who will get the bottle and take a glimpse to read what is inside of it). It speaks also of encouragement that wherever the reader in his/her life may be, he/she should make the most out of this life and keep moving forward. There is no way to predict where that bottle might travel, but I still put my personal details in the letter, if ever somebody catches it. It will surely be fun meeting that person someday.