# 41 Bury Myself In The Sands

dApril 13, 2012:  a day of my burial

DEATH. Everyone is not exempted from it. It is the most neutral thing on earth (well, of course aside from time). It is a mark of our ending here on earth and a beginning of life in eternity. I was always curious on how it feels to be buried alive, where you can feel the whole of the earth in your skin (except if that is cremation). Maybe a lot of people won’t do it but I believe that, people who had live their life well welcomes death with open arms. Why not give it a shot while you’re alive?

Okay,just chill because this isn’t that hard fellas. Used sand and not real loams! You will surely have a great time digging using your bare hands. Also, you can ask for your friends’ help to bury you because they’ll be having a great time doing that for you.Hahaha! Mine’s turn out to be very relaxing and fun!



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