# 63 Zipline


April 9, 2011: the day I fly high!

TO FLY! If only Genies are true and he could give me one wish or if I am one of the 3 brothers in JK Rowling’s book then that would be the thing that I will ask to be granted for. But, they are only present in books and are characters that we could not have in reality. So, to be able to have this I just thought of having it in a zipline instead, even though it is far away from my dream of flying anywhere I want, at least I have a glimpse on how it feels to be flying.

Well, the experience is not bad after all! It is pretty good and I had mixed emotions. I feel nervous because it is a hundred feet and 50 feet long ride, I don’t know where to look at or if I just have to close my eyes, but in the end I decided to open up my eyes while the wind stand against you and to just shout it out loud! (It is the best nervous released)


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