# 37 Experience Marine Life up Close


April 12, 2012: a day with the school of fish

I am not a swimmer, actually I am no swimmer at all, (and that is why learning it is also included in my bucket list # 32). But still anyway, I got a chance to accomplish my # 37 in the list, thanks to some equipment; I made it to walk on the sea floor without a hassle! It is fun feeding those fishes with your bare hands, it tickles but it’s awesome!

It scares me at first to go down with only a helmet (I don’t know what it is called but it is the one that will supply you with oxygen while you are underwater). It is about 30 feet from the surface and the feeling is light but panicky for me (being a first timer surely makes you jittery!). So why include it in my list? Aside from the fact that I love connecting with nature, I am really curious on how it feels to be there. People say that it is the closest feeling being in space that is why astronauts held their training underwater. And one thing, I am looking forward for real “Atlantis City” someday, so experiencing this is a good start!


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